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Veterans who served our nation with honor deserve the benefits made available by the Department of Veterans Affairs. If you sustained an injury or illness while on active duty, or if a prior condition was exacerbated by your military service, then you could be owed hundreds or even thousands of dollars in monthly benefits. If you are the surviving family member of a deceased veteran, then you could be entitled to disability benefits as well.

Choosing an Arkansas Veteran’s Disability Benefits Attorney

Now it can be a slog of a bureaucratic process to get the benefits you need and deserve. Thanks to recent updates in law, however, you can now be represented by a lawyer when you file a veterans disability claim. At my firm the Law Office of Mike Angel, you can find proven counsel to help you determine your eligibility, compile full medical evidence, speed up the claims process, and appeal any claim denials. I have worked exclusively in disability law since 2002, in which time I have skillfully handled 2,000+ cases. With me, you’ll have no legal fees whatsoever unless I can secure veterans disability benefits for you. Please don’t hesitate to discover how I can help you swiftly access the benefits you are owed.

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Getting the Benefits You Deserve

Veterans choose my firm to represent them in their pursuit of veteran disability benefits because I provide them with honest answers and do whatever is in my legal power to get them the largest possible settlement. Some of the issues that can qualify our clients for VA benefits are:

This list is not exhaustive by any measure and we want to hear from you! If you would like to see whether you qualify for benefits, reach out to our firm and schedule your free consultation. My legal team assists those who are personally suffering from a service-related disability as well as those who are standing for a deceased veteran.

If you have applied for disability benefits and been denied, my firm can also represent you during the appeals process. My firm can help you determine whether you should appeal the decision. During your free case evaluation, we can discuss the potential for an appeal and help you rightly align your expectations.