Why Hire a VA Disability Lawyer?

While the Department of Veterans Affairs provides compensation and benefits to injured servicemen, they have not made the claims process any easier or efficient for applicants. Applying for disability benefits is a long and complicated process, filled with rules and technicalities. Claims are routinely denied based on small errors and insufficient documentation. In some cases, claims are also rejected as a result of human error. Working with an attorney can help increase the chances of your claim being approved. Learn more today by calling the Law Office of Mike Angel.

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Standing Up for Disabled Veterans

Whether you are applying for benefits for the first time or want to appeal a denied claim, make sure that you work with a skilled Arkansas veterans disability attorney from the start. Having an experienced lawyer guide you through the process can make a difference between a successful claim and a denied claim. At the Law Office of Mike Angel, I am dedicated to helping veterans like you fight for the benefits you deserve.

A veterans disability lawyer can help you:

  • File a claims application in a timely manner
  • Gather sufficient medical records
  • Compile additional evidence proving your disability and link it to your service
  • Determine the correct disability compensation rating
  • Appeal your denied claim and represent you during hearing
  • Answer any questions you have along the way

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At my practice, I focus exclusively on disability claims. I have developed a unique understanding of the claims process and strategies to maximize your benefits. With over 2,000 cases to my name, I have the experience and knowledge you need. Let me help you through the claims process, step by step and ensure that your application is accurate and complete.

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